Saturday, February 20, 2010

The day I had to pull my kids out of school.

Well I must say that I am annoyed with the fact that I may have to take my kid(s) out of school Monday because the so-called education system here in Ontario (which by the way I find sadly lacking in giving a real education compared to Ireland) feels the need to indoctrinate the children with their own mind-molding attempt at morality.

My son came home today to tell me that on Monday the school will be having a discussion circle on why it's okay to be a homosexual. I was very proud at myself that I didn't move with any sudden emotional impulse and call the principal with a blast. I thought very calmly about this and sat down very composed and rang her to say that I longed for the days when kids went to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic.

She told me that they were doing this because they found so many of the students were saying things which were incredibly homophobic and that they needed to learn respect. Ah! There's that word.

Well I told her that I do not teach my kids to hate anyone nor to do violence to someone regardless of their personal morals, but they are kids. I don't want my son nor my daughter to have to fulfill someone's agenda in learning about what some people do in the privacy of their own personal places. It's none of their business and it's none of mine. I do not go around discussing my own personal heterosexual life.

I do not want my children to have to forego getting an education while the human rights commission and the education system force their agendas down their throats.

The principal of course did not agree with me and said that it wasn't going to get that detailed into things. How can't you get into the 'in's and out's' (no pun) of such a subject without having to explain what it is really about?

What makes me even more upset is that the school never bothered to send a notice home to say that they were going to bring in an 'expert' in to discuss this moral issue with the children.

How do they process this? I don't think they care as long as they can promote their agenda.

I certainly don't think that I should have to take a day off of work in order to babysit my children because their school wants to push an agenda and make everyone conform to Canada's rights and freedoms. What about my rights?


  1. Mr. Flaxman:

    Hate to say it, but the very notion of "rights" has been degraded into something more like the entitlements of minorities to particular privileges, including the privilege of setting the curriculum of what your child learns in school. BC and Quebec already have specific policies that do not allow parents to pull their children out of classes that deal with this subject - be happy you still have this "right".

  2. There is even the school board in Hamilton, Ontario which has enforced exactly what you said but I would still fight that anyway. There is no way I will allow these essential rights to be infringed upon no matter what. If it means war, then war it is! I would fight for such freedoms so that others can be free too. Thanks for your comments!